The Various Beauty Piper Plants from Papua Indonesia

A Piper plant is a climbing plant that can live indoors or outdoors. Their beauty is placed on the pattern and color, and the fun part of keeping them is we can customize the way they climb to make such a decoration. It is easy to propagate by stem. They also smell good and some piper plants are used for herbal medicine.

Studies say Indonesia has about 43 species which means 1,62% of the total number of piper species around the world. These piper species are spread around Indonesia, and grow deep in the jungle and their beauty is fascinating. Several types of them are endemic to Papua, Indonesia specifically from Nabire district, located in Nabire Regency, Central Papua Province, Indonesia.

Piper Hitam Sp. Papua
Most people called it Piper Sp. Papua “Luxurians” and we named it Piper Hitam Sp. Papua. It has a dark leaf tendency to black and the young leaves are cream colored.

Piper Black Sp. Papua and Piper Sp. Papua
Such gorgeous piper plants from Nabire! Look at the pink dots and dark leaves as a base color. Both have the same pattern; pink dots but the leaf texture and shape are different. Piper Sp. Papua is a cute one; circle leaves make it look adorable. Meanwhile the Piper Black Sp. Papua is more hardcore.

Piper Black Sp. Papua

Piper sp. Papua


Piper Silver Sp. Papua
Definition of beauty in modesty, it has shining silver leaves combined with duck egg green color. Come from the same location in Papua.

So don’t miss out on these pipers as your collection!

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