Endemic Plant for Beginner

As a beginner you may be confused what plant to keep for the first time as endemic plants are sometimes not friendly for beginners.

Many species come from Indonesia, and hundreds of species also have different treats to be happy.

We found one of them to have a medium treatment to grow well, it is Leea Amabilis. Such a beautiful one with velvet leaves and two colors that are contrasted; red and white stripes.

January 30th, 2024













March 14th, 2024













We’re trying to keep this one in a tank with lava rock and land moss as medium. There is a small amount of water in the bottom of the tank so it looks like a paludarium actually.

We use slow release fertilizer and spray vitamin B1 each day, because of that treatment the leaves are growing very well, larger and healthy. Make sure not to overwater because she doesn’t like it.

Put it outdoors with average temperature 29-30 degrees celsius, indirect sunlight all day long. Medium light.

So, it is very recommended to keep Leea Amabilis as your first trial. Happy gardening!

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